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The first accounts of the life and death of Jesus were transmitted orally during the first years of Christendom. On the other hand, the first written records of Jesus' life were made in Greek, which was the most used language in the Eastern part of the Roman Empire around the 1st. century. BibleStudyPro offers you the Greek version of the New Testament, which not only covers the Four Gospels, but also the Acts of the Apostles, the Epistles and John's Revelation. Using BibleStudyPro, you can read this important version of the Scriptures, and compare it with other versions you may have in other BSP modules.

Like any other BSP module, the Greek New Testament takes advantage of the host program's features. For example, you can access the commentaries and references to each verse by simply clicking on the hyperlinks on the left side of the text. Also, it is possible to copy and export any part of the text to a .TXT file. You can print verses and chapters, change the font type and size, and navigate easily through the entire module using the graphic panel. If you are a cleric, scholar or a Bible enthusiast, then this program and its modules will be very useful for you.

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